by Cult of Blood

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Kali - Vocals, Growls, Lyrics, Concept
Aamon - Guitar, Bass, Composition
Falkar - Drums, Accordion
Røg - Synth

Iguana Studios Germany

House of Music Germany

Filmed and Edited by
Christian Mülhauser
Script, Direction by Kali

Costin Chioreanu

ERDGEIST is cursed female fronted Black Metal and Dark Folk Melancholia.
A primeval Spirit, keeper and guardian of the wise and simultaneously destructive powers of the earth.

It is the debut and in the same time the farewell mixed media digi album of Cult of Blood.

Elaborate recordings as polyphonic female vocals, growls and guitar tracks, various interlocking singing techniques and chanting, filigrane acoustic tones, folk melodies and dark atmospheric synth sounds which run through the whole album, stand in contrast to the impulsive force of the drums, the sinister guitar lines and haunted growls.

ERDGEIST is a concept album based on the idea of synthesis of the arts in the aesthetics of an ancient grimoire.
A kind of Galdrabók, containing original Old Norse poems with lyrics in Icelandic.

Decisive for the name and the core of the album, was "Erdgeist" of Goethe's Faust, a pansophic Earth Elemental, who knows the truth.

Thus, a bridge is placed between the old and modern occultism.

Inspired by the poems of the Poetic Edda, especially the Vǫluspá and Hávamál, Seiðr the Old Norse sorcery and Runecasting, the journey goes on to the Celtic Mythology and the Druids of the Finnish Kalevala.

The making of the musicvideo RUNAR was an adventure that has no equal.
Fitted with high-tech film equipment "Runar" was shot at three days in winter and spring in the depth of the old forests and rivers of Kaltbrunnental, the majestic oak grove near Bubendorf, with more than 520 year old oak trees, in Nuglar and in Sihlwald at the enchanted Gattiker pond near Zurich Switzerland.

Our fabulous cameraman and video editor Christian Mülhauser sat the script into epic pictures.
Despite many hardships such as diving into ice-cold water by night, standing for hours barefoot on frozen ground or dealing with some ill-tempered villagers, the recordings became a success and unforgettable great experience.

RUNAR tells in film language about Rune Magick and spiritual transformation initiated by ancient sacrifice rituals of the priestess which offers the symbols to the Earth Spirit.
The beggar becomes a warrior by offering his blood, the seeker liberates himself by fire while the priestess, the Völva represends the channel to the Otherworld.

Runen raunt reine Rede! [german]
Runes murmur pure speech!


released March 16, 2016


all rights reserved



Cult of Blood Switzerland

Cult of Blood was founded by Kali-Vocals and Aamon-Guitar in 2010 and completed by Falkar on drums. 2012 the EP Hail Saturnus was recorded at House of Music Studios, Germany. The release of the music video for Hail Saturnus in november 2012 and several great shows followed.
The last band activity in 2016 is the realization of the album ERDGEIST and the new music video RUNAR.
Disbanded in 2015.
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Track Name: Galdur
Wounded I hang
Nine long nights
Pierced by a spear
Offered, myself to myself
The wisest know not
Whence spring the roots
Of that ancient rood

Veistu hve rísta skal?
Veistu hve ráða skal?
Veistu hve fáa skal?
Veistu hve freista skal?
Veistu hve biðja skal?
Veistu hve blóta skal?
Veistu hve senda skal?
Veistu hve sóa skal?

They gave me no bread
They gave me no mead
I looked down
With a cry
I took up the runes
From that tree I fell
Nine lays of power
Word from word
Gave words to me
Deed from deed
Gave deeds to me
Runes you will find
Readable staves
Graven by the god of gods

Veistu hve rísta skal?
Veistu hve ráða skal?
Veistu hve fáa skal?
Veistu hve freista skal?
Veistu hve biðja skal?
Veistu hve blóta skal?
Veistu hve senda skal?
Veistu hve sóa skal?

Citation: Hávamál
Track Name: Runar
Far below
Wise and strong
Whose aid I seek
Wander wander
Sacred stones
And holy trees
Tongues in trees I found
Words in running brooks
Skrying in stones
Harken well
The hidden sermons
In the roots
In the branches
In the leafs
In the darkening gap
Wander wander
Until you find
Runes pure speech

Walker of the roads
Cradled in the great tree

Rùnar ràtha rétt Ràdh
Track Name: Nornir
Urð hétu eina
Aðra Verðandi
Skuld hétu þriðju
þær lög lögðu
þær líf kuru
Alda börnum
Ørlög seggja

Beneath the tree
One named Was
And Being next
The third Shall be
Laws they made
They life selected
Destiny they say

Ash I know
named Yggdrasill
A lofty tree, laved
With limpid water
Thence comes dew
That in dales fell
Stands always over
The green Urd’s well

Alone she sat outside
When the old there came
Yggjungr, Aesir
In her eye he gazed
What wouldst thou ask me?
Why temptest thou me?
I know all Ódinn
Where your eye fell

Citation: Völuspá
Track Name: Grima
In this dreadful days of evil
In this last and fleeting age
Magic sayings by the thousands
Hidden in some secret burrow
Words of knowledge never vanish
Though the wise men pass away
In his bosom endless power
Oldest sage with oldest wisdom

Sang the shaping of the moon
Hoisting of the sun on high
Day and night he sang unceasing
Till the hole creation heard
On the sea the waves stood still
And the billows in the bay
Wakened shaken by the word
Rivers forgot to run
From his mouth the magic leaps
On his tongue enchantment rides
Chanted all the charms in order
From the very birth of time

I am wind on sea
I am ocean wave
I am roar of sea
I am stag of seven tines
I am a hawk on a cliff
I am shining tear of the sun
I am fairest among herbs
I am boar for boldness
I am salmon in water
I am a lake on a plain
I am a hill of poetry
I am a word of skill
A song on a spear
An enchantments of wind
Who knows the secrets of the unhewn dolmen?
Who announces the ages of the moon?
Who knows the place where falleth the sunset
If not I

Citation: Song of Amergin, Kalevala
Track Name: Erdgeist
Through Otherworld to Middleworld forest
On whispering wings stillness they come
There in the dusk of consciousness shattered everything that was
The old god sleeps down in the dark

The earth turned black
The sea turned red
The moon felt silent
The air turned poison

A wolf on my left
A stag on my right
Crosslegged with skins in skulls
I bring liberation of oppression
Liberation of restriction
The ram horned serpent
Of the truth
The truth

In the midst of the night
I trace an inverted voice
I hear without hearing
Who am I?
Hu Gadarn I call upon you
My eyes are closed with darkness of death
I am cast adrift in the night of myself

Behold the night there I am
Lift up thy veil
Follow the sigil of my name
And the glory of my star
I will bring an end to thy slavery
Existence is pure joy
The key to joy is disobedience
Destroy the destroyer within

And I enter the temple in darkness
I trace an inverted voice
With the sign of silence
With the sign of chaos
In the dying time

In the sanctuary of the moon
For I am a child
Of the fallen sun

Citation: Lucifer rising ritual
Track Name: Valknut
I was in many forms
Before I was set free
I believe when I was formed
I was a teardrop in the air
I was a journey
I was an eagle
The ghost of olden songs
A coracle on the sea
A star-woven star

I was a sword in a hand
I was a shield in a battle
I was a string in a harp
A spun yarn on a spindle
A phantom for nine years
A ravens shadow
An owls cry

My blood, my creation
From nine elemental forms
From soil and earth
From foam of waters
Woven was I

Nine worlds

Seen the sun
Track Name: Saga
Ageless wisdom comes again
She sees coming up
A second time

A hall she saw standing
Fairer then the sun
Roofed with gold

An earth from ocean green again
Waterfalls pouring
Mighty to the south

In wondrous beauty once again
Golden tables in the grass
Wisdom will rise

When the wind of giants
Carrying the ages
Will soar

The mill stone will grind again
The fortune of gods and men
Let wisdom sit on gold
Let wisdom sleep on feathers

Unsown the fields will grow
All evil be amended
Baldr will return

Fymbultyrs ancient runes
The deeds of Old
They will remember

Once there was the age
When darkness was
Upon the face of the deep

Voicing now the sleeping reason
Deep within
Primeval soul

Once there was the age
When fire and ice first met
When the secrets of the Wyrd
Was born

Citation: Völuspá

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